LaMetàFisica feat Kreyk.lido

Lametàfisica feat. KREYK
Progetto imprevedibile sull’utilizzo del corpo e dei sintetizzatori controllato e diretto da un Furby.
Un concetto eterodosso che vede come elemento essenziale la distorsione del suono e della forma in uno scenario “Funny Peculiar” imbandito con giocattoli modificati, trottole, carillon, sequencer, giradischi, walkman, asse da stiro, minidisc, skateboard, synth e campionatori.


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Obsil live

2th June 2010
Sentieri Barocchi festival, Giardini di Villa Parisi (Forino, Avellino – Italy)

11th November 2011
Meet The Knobbers,Centro Musicale Soundy (Monteriggioni, Siena – Italy)

released 24 March 2014
Giulio Aldinucci
electronics and processing

Michel Rigati
piano, accordion

Artwork : Costanza Maremmi



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Ilir Lluka.Looking At My Hands

Looking at My Hands rapresents moments during my daily life when my focus points towards the way of perception of every element of the world around me and how these elements are assimilated, abstracted and evolved by morphing with the structures of personality ( memories, senses, desires, intellect, etc) and how this process gives life in every moment to a new structure of evolved personality, giving space to forthcoming elements second after second, layer after layer, everything to become a bigger singularity of an evergrowing self. That is how even a noise, a voice, a gesture, or a situation can become unexplicably meaningful or paradoxal, romantic or disquiet or many times both. The title Looking At My Hands implies the peak moment of this perception which somehow was when I looked at my hands, that specific moment was the moment when it all felt into place”
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latest manyfeetunder/homemadelabel’s release !!

Niko Bellanti.Etherion

I make no distinctions between synthetic and natural environments.Everything is ultimately from the same source – exploding stars.
For me, electronic music is no less “organic” or natural than a cello piece. These pieces use a free rhythm structure – the music is not confined to a consistent measure length.



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